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Lassaâd Saïdi

Founder of the school – master of pedagogy – teacher of acting and movement
director of the teaching team – director.


Lassaâd Saïdi is the master of pedagogy and the principal teacher, He is always present in the activity of his own school. Its spirit, colour and philosophy are set by him alone.

He is able to give class in each sector of the school. He devotes himself mainly, however, to the acting classes in the first and second years. Here he accompanies his students every day in their exploration of the matter in hand and its learning.

His constant presence and his many years of practical experience have honed his view of the evolution of the themes and subjects of the curriculum. From this stems his permanent reflective state which brings to light a regular adjustment of pedagogical development.

He leads his teaching team with a particular attention to maintaining agreement on the pedagogical line. This is necessary for the students to fully understand what they are exploring, and allowing them thus to apply it in the best way possible. Along with his team he monitors every student daily, with a full awareness of the steps accomplished by each one Lassaâd is said to be of a demanding and generous character, and to be precise in what he asks and clear in how he directs.

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