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Sylvie Richir

Co/Director of the school – Actress – Drama teacher – Director

Sylvie Richir

After many years as administrative director and artistic assistant at the Lassaad School, with her experience in theatre training and her professional background, Sylvie, of course, plays an active role in the ongoing practice of the school’s teaching

She possesses a complete overview of the school both administratively and pedagogically. She has a command of the philosophy of training and a deep understanding of all aspects of the studies. Her personal touch comes from the development of a lesson unique to the school in form and content. Its wealth of information enables the student to have a better grasp and understanding of the style being studied at any given time. The journey through the second year is enhanced by the multiple subjects explored throughout the year.

This lesson deals with:

  • analysing acting technique and/or stage acting style,
  • la viewing and analysing extracts from cinema or theatre,
  • introducing and developing subjects later to be incorporated in acting,
  • fine tuning the writing of scenes created by the students,
  • modifying costumes,
  • studying great playwrights (from the ancient to the modern),
  • reading and analysing texts,
  • highlighting the greats who have contributed to the art of theatre: directors (cinema,theatre, opera, circus, dance), choreographers, actors…

Sylvie teaches in the second year (her cv is to be found under « Direction »).