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Claudia Russo

Actor and theatre teacher.

Claudia Russo

Claudia was born in Bologna. She spent her childhood in Milan where she showed at a very young age that she was attracted to the world of artistic creation. Her first role on stage was at the age of twelve. She would say later of that experience that it was the funniest thing she had lived. And she decided there and then never to abandon the theatre.

Alongside her university studies of Public Relations and Advertising she starts training in acting while also teaching herself to sew. These two passions nurture an awareness of the poetry of colour and shape and this draws her to creating her first stage costumes.
In 2011 Claudia graduates from the university and takes her first professional steps on the stage of the Sala Fontana Theatre in Milan.

Then she had to choose which way to go in life and her love for the theatre won the day. So back she goes to her home town to study and graduate from the Alessandra Galante Garrone school of theatre. The acting of classic and contemporary texts is what appeals to her most deeply.

After working with Italian masters she wants to travel and make new discoveries.
This takes her to Brussels and she enrols in the ECOLE LASSAÂD. She is drawn to the study of theatre of movement and her vision of acting is to be radically transformed thanks to the teaching of Lassaâd Saïdi and his team. The teaching she discovers there fascinates her. She follows the two year course with great success and then decides to follow in the footsteps of her masters. So, from 2016 to 2017 she was a student in the third pedagogical year at the LASSAÂD International School of Theatre.

Since then she has gained a very varied experience as an actor in dramatic theatre, theatre for the young, commedia dell’arte and others. She follows the work of numerous creators. The scale of her work goes from street theatre to the immense stages of the Opera and she collaborated with the great names of both Italian and international theatre – Liliana Cavani, Victorio Franceschi, Mario Martone, Ludek Golat et Robert Titley.

Along with other actors from the ECOLE LASSAÂD, Claudia was one of the founders of Hippana Theatre, an international company that has travelled through Germany, Finland,Belgium, Italy… She still works with them on new productions. Along with all this she works in prisons and with asylum seekers. And now she is on the teaching staff of the Theatre School of Bologna.