A few glimpses of the school at work:

The school receives an increasing number of requests to visit, and to sit in on lessons. It is not the normal practice of the school to allow this. The premises are reserved to and occupied by the students who are enrolled in the school and follow the ongoing programme. The school’s teaching in its depth can be revealed only to those who are living it.

So the school has wished to show some short sequences that were filmed during the ongoing work of the school or during public soirees on different themes.

This remains a glimpse into the working of the school – a tiny part, given the impressive archives it possesses.

We chose to use only short sequences by the most recent second year students. Our aim is also to protect the work of creative progress – the material belongs above all to the students and to the teachers who taught it.

It is of course far from being completely representative of the styles developed at the Ecole LASSAAD. These films show a small part of the complete range, but can give an idea. Living the programme remains the only way to true discovery.

Staging and directing – public evening

The Ritual of the Bouffons

Commedia dell’Arte

Acrobatic tango

Comic book style


Rehearsing a scene of tragedy

Reportage Ath

Getting towards tragedy

Example of first year autocours

Mute cinema

Ursonate – directed by Luc de Wit