Within the walls

The school is housed in a pleasant and independent space

There are spaces necessary for study, preparation and rehearsal.

  • Two classrooms,
  • two rehearsal rooms,
  • three changing rooms,
  • toilet facilities.

The main door of the school opens onto a wide corridor where we leave our outdoor shoes before going into te work spaces.

The school opens at 9.30 a.m., Monday to Friday. Students can thus come to rehearse outside classtime when it suits best.

École LASSAAD - International School of Theatre

Location of the school

The school is in central Brussels within the district of St Gilles. On one side you will find the more popular area around the “Parvis de St Gilles” with its vegetable market, bistros and snack bars and small grocery shops, while on the other side there is the Avenue Louise with its upmarket boutiques, restaurants and tea rooms.

Close by there is the area of Les Marolles which is typical Brussels with its flea market, antique shops and great cafés.

Just down the road you come to Ixelles which is a lively student.

École LASSAAD - International School of Theatre

Class schedule

ClasseClasses take place Monday through Friday and amount to between 30 and 35 hours a week. This includes preparation and rehearsal.

The timetable can be heavier because of the number of scenes to prepare and to show outside normal class hours

The school requires presence every day, Monday through Friday, from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. On Friday the time table may vary according to the presentations of the auto-cours. Rehearsals should be planned outside normal school time.

The season starts in October and ends in June.

École LASSAAD - International School of Theatre


Brussels is a capital city where accommodation is still relatively easy to find. There are rooms, studios, apartments and houses at affordable prices.
Most of our students opt for sharing an apartment or a house. Some of the places they find have a small garden even in the middle of town.
You can also wait for the beginning of the school year (early October) to start looking for a place to live. This gives you a better chance to choose shared space.
The best period to look for accommodation is the month of June.
For those who wish to start looking for shared accommodation early, the school can, upon request, provide a list of future students from mid-June.

To give a rough idea of price range in Brussels, for a room with kitchen facilities and shared bathroom: 300 to 500 euros; for a three bedroom apartment: 800 to 1000 euro.

Don’t forget that the school is in St Gilles ( area code 1060). We recommend the area because of its location and the prices to be found there. The other areas nearby are: Ixelles (area code 1050), Forest (area code 1190), Brussels Centre (area code 1000). Don’t forget to keep a lookout when you are walking around. People find lodging that way, too.

Look out for the sign “A LOUER” and note the details. In order to comply with the administrative procedures within the area you choose to live in, the school will provide an enrolment certificate

École LASSAAD - International School of Theatre


The school is a fifteen-minute walk from the Gare du Midi, or five minutes by metro.

Nearby the school there is a metro station « Hotel des Monnaies » which will take you where you want to go in Brussels. There is also a tram stop at the “Parvis St Gilles”, and various bus routes.

All students are eligible for the reduction on public transport tickets.