Lassaâd Saïdi – The creator

After collaborating closely and creatively with Jacques Lecoq, there came the desire to pursue research into other styles, in another place, in another country.

He is at heart a creator and a pedagogue, and felt the need to find his own way by opening his own school. It was to be in Brussels. Jacques Lecoq understood this and attended the inauguration.

Naturally, Lassaâd continues to put into practice the Lecoq pedagogy, or rather that which belongs to the underlying spirit of the teaching, as he had known and defended it while Lecoq was alive. In this continuing pedagogical research, he develops new acting styles within his own school. Examples of this are silent cinema, melo-mime…

Continuing his pedagogical research, he has developed new acting styles within his own school, such as silent cinema and melo-mime.

Ever aware of balance within the programme and looking for possible additions to fill a lack, he has felt the need to offer classes on the voice. The voice springs from the same impulse as does movement. Voice training in the school is taken as a physical action. Within voice and sound there are also the notions of singing, rhythm, time, beat and offbeat, melody…


In the increasing breadth of styles and dramatic territories, Lassaâd has brought text-based study as an important element of the second year. The students are called on to create, defend, affirm their own ideas, their worlds and their writing styles. They should also be able to approach another world, a world which is not their own – that of a playwright. Through this work they are at the service of this playwright, but they must be able to interpret the precise vision of this other person.

This opening on to another world allows each student to see possible links with their own world. It also allows each one to see where they are, to be nourished, and to create references. The end result is that each personal world is more strongly affirmed.