Sylvie Saïdi/Richir

Administrative direction of the school, assistant art direction, coordination and stewardship of the school, actress, drama teacher, director.

From an early age Sylvie was drawn to the world of the arts. She was first attracted by all that concerned the image (drawing, photography, cinema…).
At the age of 18 she decided to begin studying cinema and then went towards the art of photography and then advertising photography
She made many documentaries on different subjects, travelled the world in search of “the image” while organising several exhibitions.

But acting had been a dream from her early childhood. She began to follow different workshops along with her main studies. She met many teachers and actors who encouraged her in this new pursuit…
She acted in several plays and in 1986 she followed a year long course directed by Franco Dragonne. There she met a team which contained some actors from the Ecole LASSAAD.

So in 1987 she decided to become a fulltime student at the Ecole LASSAAD.
In 1990, she followed the third pedagogical year and gave acting classes in different cultural centres and schools and acted in several theatre companies.

Sylvie Saïdi/Richir

She very soon took over the administrative department of the school. Her knowledge of the contents of the programme of the school is the driving force behind her constant objective which is to develop, transmit and defend this teaching method.

Thanks to the quality of her experience she is constantly present in the artistic department, within the teaching team, among the students, and all that concerns the school.
Her presence is indispensable in the solving of all administrative problems that any school comes up against and she keeps a careful watch over the general running of the school. She is also the link between the school and all other contacts.

She is in charge of all written texts of the school (the website, the programme, mail, press…). She is the one who answers all questions concerning the school and its teaching methods.

She is in charge of reading and selecting the application files submitted by applicants. She carries out the interviews with applicants who request it and with those for whom the school has taken no clear decision as far as the file or motivation is concerned. These interviews help both the school and the applicant to take the right decision

Without her work the school could not exist.