Lassaâd Saïdi.

The Director, Master of Pedagogy, Teacher

Lassaâd saïdi created the LASSAAD International Theatre School in Brussels in 1983. The official inauguration was in 1985 in the presence of Jacques Lecoq.

Lassaâd is the artistic director. He chose to set up an independent school in order to be able to select a team of teachers who could work closely together while each having a specific area to defend. Their united coherent approach to the same training project has been proved and tested over many years.

The closeness and mutual understanding of this experienced and effective team create a harmonious atmosphere in the school.

Lassaâd saïdi is, above all, a master. He is responsible for the philosophy of the training. He has a comprehensive grasp of the nature of each sector and a deep knowledge of the contents. He sustains and maintains the continuity of the pedagogical programme in the most enhanced and effective way.

He teaches a large part of the lessons in the first and second years, thus never losing touch with the practical side of pedagogy. He is a demanding teacher who works constantly with rigour and energy.

Lassaâd Saïdi