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Bernard Massuir

Artist – Musician – Actor – Director

Bernard Massuir

Born in Belgium, on a stage in Herve, in 1963.

When he was very young Bernard would listen to his mother sing and so he would sing along in tune.
At family parties he was a great success because he would be hoisted up onto the table to sing his heart out.
He took up the guitar at the Académie and then, as a member of « la bande à Jo », he would perform at Saturday night cabarets.
Maths and physics degree in his bag, he set out to teach… French in Louisiana.

Back home in 1988, beset by the urge to go on stage and make it his way of life, he decided to attend the Ecole Lassaâd.
After leaving the school he worked in several companies before setting up his own in 1991: « Les Troyens ». « Le plus petit quatuor du monde », a trio of clown musicians, played over 400 times around the world and never lost their initial spark of freshness.

Bernard joined a circus but an unfortunate accident forced him into a few months of rest during which he dedicated himself to the voice. He recorded his first album “Itizzz… some sing », and created in New York in 1998 a unique a cappella solo which he toured around the world, in the other direction, giving 300 shows. Bernard performs in theatres and concert halls, and at all kinds of festivals – music, circus, theatre and street theatre.

Between his tours, he has met and been deeply influenced by the great voices, by scat and jazz: Bernard Lubat, André Minvielle and Bonny McFerrin. With these musicians « who have amazing technique and are also philosophers », he learned to go beyond technique, to leap over barriers and above all not to fear ridicule.
In 2006 he recorded his second album « La voix est libre ».

He is an actor, a clown, a musician, a composer, a vocal acrobat and an explorer of hitherto untrodden paths. Bernard is often called on today for his talents as director.

He joins the LASSAAD School’s team to work on music, voice and acting.