THE PROGRAM : Each day is composed of three sectors: Movement: Body Awareness, Movement Analysis, Voice, Rhythm, Acrobatic Movement, Movement Sequencing. Actor Play: silent or spoken improvisation, interpretation, creation of scenes on imposed themes related to the program. Creation of scenes on an imposed theme related to the lessons

Module A

From Neutral Mask to Play

  • Movement
  • Improvisation, interpretation
  • Themes of action
  • Journey of the Mask through his natural environment
  • Identification to the elements
  • Transfer, Play (improvisation and interpretation)
  • Creation and presentation of weekly scenes
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Module B
Characters – Melodrama

  • Movement
  • Preparation for Style
  • Identification to the animals
  • Transfer
  • Construction of the characters
  • Dynamics of states and passions
  • Melodramatic Situations and Scenes
  • Creation and presentation of weekly scenes
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Module C
Performing with Masks

  • Movement
  • Approach to music
  • Expressive Masks
  • Larval Masks
  • Architecture and manipulation
  • Mask shape and body
  • Treatment of themes
  • Creation and presentation of weekly scenes
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Module D :

The Language of the gesture:

  • White Pantomime
  • Attitude, the articulation of the gesture
  • Comics, Mimetic Strips
  • Cinema: shots, cutting, zooming,…
  • Silent Cinema
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Module E :

The Tragedy – The Buffoons

  • The dynamics of verbs
  • The World of Poets
  • Formation and Dynamics of the Greek Choir
  • Interpretation of tragedy texts
  • Body and Shapes of the Buffoons
  • The society of the Buffoons : rhythm and ritual
  • Themes, solo scenes, duos and groups
  • Cabaret Bouffonesque
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Module F:

Commedia dell’Arte – Clowns

  • Preparations for style
  • Attitudes, Steps of the Commedia Characters
  • Wearing a half mask
  • Voice of the Mask
  • Harlequin’s steps
  • Lazzis
  • Solo, Duo and ensemble of valets
  • Themes and canvas
  • The August
  • The duet (August and white clown)
  • Circus Clown and Theatre Clown
  • Different styles of comedy (situational, burlesque, absurd, …)
  • Elaboration of clown acts
École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

Free Course :

Module A elementary and compulsory :

  • From Neutral Mask to Play

Choose from all modules

Practical information:

Classes and rehearsals will take place every day from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm.

The presentations of the scenes will take place on Friday

Modules and dates: season 2022/2023

A: from Neutral Mask to Play : from 03-10-2022 to 25-11-2022
D: The language of the Gesture : from 03-10-2022 to 25-11-2022
E: Tragedy – Buffoons : from 16-01-2023 to 10-03-2023
F: Commedia dell’Arte – Clowns : from 02-05-2023 to 23-06-2023

Course costs: 1650 € per Module

For the 22/23 season, the school is offering several Modules that form a large part of the school’s course. 

The 23/24 season will offer other modules that will complete the whole course.

It is possible to follow the Modules in the order shown, or to choose a different order according to the project of each participant.

Each module is independent and follows a pedagogical line that evolves progressively. This allows each participant to easily follow the evolution of the subject matter of each module, regardless of the order of the modules

However, it is compulsory to follow the first Module A, which remains essential to understand all subsequent subjects, regardless of the module chosen. 
This Module A constitutes the fundamental basis of the whole pedagogy defended by the school.

The elaboration of these modules has been imagined and conceived by Mr Lassaâd Saïdi, a master in the field for more than 40 years of teaching, in order to allow the best follow-up of each of the modules that deal with acting and theatre styles.

Only former students of the school or those who have followed a Lecoq training will be able to integrate any module without having to follow this first module A (unless they wish to do so).