School career

 École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

The school offers two years of intensive training. It is like a journey where two great pathways are traced. There is play and acting and their rules. There is movement and its analysis.

Along with these, there are “auto-cours”, small group preparation and creation, which constantly call on the creative act and which construct the students’ own theatre. So we have a pedagogical framework which is essentially based on the dynamics of movement, on dramatic creation and on the actors sense of play.

The school seeks and defends a theatre of human nature and to represent it in the most accurate and sensitive way possible in order to reach out to and touch each one of us.

The approach could perhaps be summarised in the following way:
« It nurtures the expression of everything through movement, to use each member as an element of syntax of which the body is the alphabet and to play this body in its every move of silent language flowing from within to without. Finally words take form, body and movement, and can thus express fully the wealth of their harmonics ».

SIts aim is to constantly provoke the creative act so that after the period of learning, the knowledge acquired can at any moment be an inspiring source for all other artistic forms.

This vast journey of practical experience will give the students the ability to choose their own language, their own acting styles.

The objective is that all can be ‘convincing and convinced’ in what they defend on stage: actors who can take on the responsibility for creating, who can play, interpret, move and move the audience.