École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

1st Year :

The courses of Movement:
– Body conscience,
– Practical and living approach of the anatomy,
– Observation and analysis of the daily gestures,
– The physical actions,
– Dynamical study body-space relationship,
– Acrobatics.

The voice courses:

– Rhythm, breathing,
– Sounds, voices and variations,
– Songs, singing and melody.

Acting Classes:

– Play and re-enactment,
– Scenes and situations from everyday life,
– Silent and spoken improvisation,
– Wearing of the neutral mask recognition by the body of all that moves : elements, materials, colors, lights, animals…
– Construction of characters and putting in situation,
– Scales of feelings and passions,
– Verb and word dynamics,
– Moving representation of the worlds of painters, musicians and poets,
– Making of masks for the stage,
– Expressive and larva masks.


These are works achieved by the students without any direct assistance of the teachers and presented at the end of each week; the themes of these works are related to the subjects of the courses. This experience will allow each student to discover and confirm their capacities, being: the precision of the acting, the sense of staging, the quality of movement, the writing talent, the directing of actors…

The enquiries:

Work achieved at the end of the year on basis of observations and acknowledgements in existing spheres and locations.

The educational approach:

The first year program begins with the acknowledgement and the observation of beings and things as they are. Identification though the body of natural phenomena bring us to the precision of experienced acting, until the creation of authentic characters and the playing of daily or borderline situations The treating of the themes pushes us to the stylization and opens the playing to the different dramatic territories which will be the subject of the second year.

 École LASSAAD International School of Theatre

2nd Year:

The courses of Movement:

– Body conscience,
– Relationship between body and space,
– Acrobatics and acting,
– Initiation to the art of fighting,
– Preparation to styles.

The voice courses:

– Variations and melodies,
– Sounds and singing.

The styles of play:

– The language of gesture: pantomime,
– Mimed bands, films,
– The silent cinema,
– The melodrama, the melomime,
– Tragedy and chorus,
– The Bouffons,
– The circus and theatre clowns,
– The Commedia dell’Arte: half mask and framework,
– The human comedy,
– Cabaret: the comical, grotesque, ludicrous, absurd characters and situations…

Approach to the text:

At the end of the year and in continuation to the discovery of styles, the students approach the great dramatic authors through classical and modern scenes. And sometimes the possibility of meeting theatre personalities.

 École LASSAAD International School of Theatre
Creations and presentations:

They are the result of the daily repetitions carried out on basis of a given theme in accordance with the style of acting, and presented at the end of the week.

Public audiences:

Working sessions are delivered by the students, allowing a regular confrontation with the public. An important representation closes the professional training.

Educational vision of the second year:

It is exclusively theatrical. It begins with the discovery then the exploration of the different styles of acting, and finishes with an approach of the text: reading, interpreting, directing.

The pedagogical year

A third year is available to students who have graduated from the school, who have shown a talent for teaching and who wish to teach the methods of the school.